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Edible Review: Bhang Cannabis Chocolate Bar

Posted on March 10, 2011 at 12:47 AM

Name:  Bhang Cannabis Chocolate Bar


From:  California Patients Association (CPA)


Date Acquired:  February 25, 2011


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Grade:  A+


Type:  Hybrid


Price:  $12.00 each


Looks:  Boutique chocolate. A nice thick solid chocolate bar which can be easily broken into 4 equal size pieces. Company name and marijuana leaf are embedded in chocolate design. I'd say very fancy in the "looks" department, but what's even more impressive is the detailed "retail ready" packaging.


Taste:  Very creamy chocolate texture. Taste is more like your "high end" chocolate vs. your typical Hershey bar. Just place a piece in your mouth and this chocolate just "melts." Takes about 2 to 3 minutes for a piece to fully melt. Cannabis taste was slightly present initially but, after a few seconds the rich and creamy chocolate takes over the taste buds.


Buzz Stats:  Left with only one flower strain that is a pretty heavy; a Dr. Greenthumb (1) Indica, my flower intake has been somewhat lighter than usual the past several days with only a few bowl fills per day. Last medication was one bowl 12 hours the day earlier. About four hours priors of taking the first chocolate segment, I had my typical "gym supplements." About an hour before consumption, I had a fish oil pill and multivitamin. The Bhang Cannabis Chocolate bar was stored in the refrigerator for almost two weeks and set out at room temperature for approximately 10 minutes before consumption started.


Buzz Journey:

* Following the "Consumption Advice" label information on the package, I consumed 1/4th of the Bhang Chocolate Cannabis Bar at 11:05am. I set the piece of chocolate on my tongue and just let it melt away, which took only a few minutes. Within five minutes, I started to immediately notice some slight effects such as pressure behind the eyes followed by the slightness feel of numbness on the lips around 11:11am. A little more than 15 minutes later (around 11:30am), there is a noticeable increase in intensity. I'd put this as the equivalent of taking some strong aspirin to cure a headache. The pressure in the cerebral region is just good enough to where my "headaches," which I get often if not drinking enough water, are dissipated. Although it is recommended to wait an hour before consuming another segment, it was obvious to me that I needed a little harder punch so at 11:36am, I consumed a second quarter segment thus, finishing half of my Bhang Cannabis Chocolate Bar at this point. About five minutes later, I felt a "pressure surge" to my head. Up to this point, most of the medication is hitting the head. It is mostly pressure to the head, but now I am finally starting to feel that pressure on the top of my shoulders too, where I need it most due to pain from injury. A glance a the clock just minutes later; it's 11:45am, I notice a slight sensation of body tingle with some good mental focus. 15 minutes later around noon, I am feeling very good with a nice full body high; although, my stomach did "act up" a bit. About 20 minutes later at 12:20pm, my head feels super heavy (bobble head like). This tones down a bit where at 12:45pm, I have a good full body buzz with light head tingle. At 1:08pm the buzz is now more "heady" with head and body pressure diminishing. A bit of my shoulder pain is also starting to creep back. So, shortly thereafter; about 5 minutes later. I consume the third quarter segment. Wanting pressure, instead I got a very hard head buzz shortly after the third segment was consumed. I found myself drinking quite a bit of water. Approximately a 15 minutes later (1:28pm), I am back to a good and heavy head buzz with pressure. I also notice the pain in shoulder is no longer bothering me. With 3/4's of the Bhang Bar now completed, I am pretty much nicely medicated, but for the sake of doing it, at 2:12pm I decide to consume the final quarter. About 15 minutes later around 2:30pm, I had a nice fully body pressure high with slight head tingle that gave me a strong sense of focus. The body pressure was consistent for a few additional hours as the sense of mental awareness then took over which enabled me to do all kinds of "work" at warp speed losing some sense of time. At approximately 5:30pm, I can sense my body buzz/pressure wearing off as my shoulder pain is creeping back on me and I am thinking about "flowers." A long lasting "tired eye" effect stuck with me for hours after well into the evening; meaning, my eyes just felt heavy as if "goo" was stuck in the corners, but the overall wind down cycle had me very focused where between 4:00pm and 10:00pm I did most of my work for the day.



* In short, this is one of the more "powerful" edibles I have had to date. Not only powerful, but very delicious too. In my circles, most would give a comparison to the Hubby Bar, but this Bhang Cannabis Chocolate Bar is better for me because, it lasts longer, hits harder, and does taste a whole lot better. What I found to me most interesting with the Bhang Cannabis Chocolate bar is that after consumption, the initial hit can be somewhat "heady;" very Sativa like in that initial 15-20 minutes but, overall this is a more Indica like "pressure" dominant medicine in the head/upper body region. For many, taking a 1/4 and waiting half a hour to a hour for a second segment should do you fine. Then, as you start to feel the decline in medication you consume additional segments as needed. Being low on flowers, one Bhang Cannabis Chocolate bar kept me "good" for ALL DAY. Well deserving for the listed grade (which is rare for me to give to edibles). If spacing out portions, this could be a "functional" daytime edible for those with a high tolerance and well experienced in medical marijuana use. But, if new to MMJ and/or new to edibles in general, please use caution as again, this hits hard with some slight "heady" segments within a full "journey."


What really impresses with me the Bhang Cannabis Chocolate bar is the packaging. I could not stop taking photos as I feel it is important for the MMJ industry edible makers to really take note in packaging and labeling. Packaging and labeling does NOT have to be so complex like this, but you'd be lying to yourself if you don't think the packing of this Bhang Cannabis Chocolate bar is not impressive. EVERYTHING IS LISTED... EVERYTHING! It's obvious the maker of this edible is thinking long term when; hopefully, marijuana will be fully legal and you can purchase on a store shelf. This packaging is not only collective ready but, truly "Retail" ready.


The edible game keeps stepping it up! A far cry from just a few years ago which I am sure if you are a California MMJ patient, you know where I am coming from.


The Bhang Cannabis Chocolate bar is highly recommended to keep on hand in your medicine cabinet!






Cheers (& Cough),

- IE420Patient


(1) The Dr. Greenthumb strained referenced in this review is currently in still evaluation at time this review is posted thus, no available review link is currently available.

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