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Flower Review: Platinum Cookies

Posted on February 27, 2012 at 8:45 PM

Strain Name:  Platinum Cookies (ORIGINAL CUT)


Note (Added 1.14.13): This "Cookie" review is from the same grower/source of the original Girl Scout Cookies strain previously reviewed which has caused some controversy.  See GSC review to learn more.


From:  Private/Direct


Date Acquired:  February 11, 2012


Current Menu:  N/A


Grade:  A++




Price:  $180 (.5 zip)


Looks:  Trichome sparkling, dense marijuana nuggets with the right amount of stickiness with reaching reddish/orange "hair" and areas of dark surface spotting.


Smell:  Indian spices and earthy mint with a little hint of menthol and dried fruit. Does leave behind a lingering scent.


Taste:  A bit "rich." Minty with hints of sweetness with a preroll and more "yeasty" with water bong hits. Bubbler produced a distinctive "cherry" like taste. Leaves behind a "mellow" sweet tea leaf after taste.


Buzz Type: Heavy cerebral buzz with relaxing eurphoric body high.


Buzz Length: Long to Very Long (2 to 2+ hours)




* Overall, the physical characteristics of Platinum Cookies is similar to my previously reviewed FIRE strain; Girl Scout Cookies, Original Thin Mints.


I enjoy "crumbling" these marijuana nuggets when loading up a bowl. Aside from the initial video, I did not use my scissors often to break up nuggets. Very easy to work with my fingers. The marijuana nuggets were very sticky when breaking apart, but that stickiness was NOT left on the fingers.


A fast acting strain, I like how this strain is no creeper. Platinum Cookies hits me immediately in the head and behind the eyes. This is a very relaxing and mellowing marijuana strain for me. A nice strain for a high strung person like myself.


Similar to Girl Scout Cookies, I was quite functional during the day with Platinum Cookies. I found that the buzz would just enable me to get into whatever I am doing for the moment. Whether working, watching television, or listening to music; whatever I was doing I was deeply entrenched in it. Having some dental work done while having this strain was nice as the pain I was experiencing was not going away with Advil alone. Platinum Cookies was a big help! I was very tempted to take some heavy narcotic Norcos I have left over from my previous surgery, but after a bowl (or two) of Platinum Cookies (along with the Advil which I still took), there was no need as I really need to save those for serious "emergencies."


About mid-way through medicating with my supply of this strain, I obtained a new GOAT bubbler for flower use and what I immediately noticed was the flavor of this batch of Platinum Cookies was greatly enhanced vs. using my other larger GOAT glass pieces. Only when using my bubbler did I catch a distinct flavor pop of cherry. It was very noticeable. Some of the tastiest strains I've had do not necessarily pack an A+ punch, but I still enjoy often. Those flavor strains I like most are Kush varieties such as Banana, Cherry, Chocolate, etc. The "cherry" flavor I was noticing with my bubbler was very "kush" like.  This batch of Platinum Cookies had a flavor profile in my bubbler that reminded me of previous "tasty" strains I've had, but with an added benefit of a solid punch and medicinal power.  Very tasty in the bubbler!


The only negative for me is I did catch some dry mouth and I had a craving for sweet full sugar filled fruit sodas (orange, strawberry, grape) and regular Coke. Although this might not sound odd to most, I am typically a diet drinker. The cravings for sugary products was definitely there for me when medicating with this strain.


Consistently providing 2+ hours of solid medicinal relief, Platinum Cookies is another solid FIRE strain within the "cookie family." When it comes to a Hybrid strains, don't pass up any "Cookies" you see, period (do watch out for fakes)!  A solid, well-rounded strain "family." For me, it's rare that I'll obtain more than an "E" of any flower medicine at one time. Knowing how much I enjoyed Girl Scout Cookies and upset I did not get more several months back, Platinum Cookies is one of those rare exceptions.    It's been some time since I did a flower piece, but having loaded up on this great strain and with just me medicating with it, now you know why...







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Cheers (& Cough),

- IE420Patient






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